Wherein I begin my blogging career

I’m not really a blogger, or even a writer. I’m not an NHL insider. I have no connection to any particular player. There’s no compelling reason for you to read my blog. Let’s get that out of the way.

So why am I starting my own blog? I read a lot of NHL-related news and commentary online. Like, a LOT. And increasingly I find myself want to connect with the authors of the material I’m reading, to share with them an alternate point of view. So many times I either disagree with the premise, or I find it very one-sided. I end up adding a lot of comments to their posts, and hope to hear back from the author. Sometimes the author comes back with some well-reasoned arguments, which I appreciate. Sometimes they don’t respond at all. But most of the time they have their point of view and that’s the way it’s going to stay.

Why do I disagree with them so often? I’m sure that in many cases they merely wish to stir the pot. In other cases they are firmly in the camp of one party or another, and that colours their views. Often, though, in my opinion, they just don’t seem to have any interest in exploring both sides of a story.

I really enjoy and respect some blogs and writers. Some of my favourites are Puck Daddy writer Greg Wyshynski, CBC staffer Elliotte Friedman, and Vancouver Province writer Jason Botchford, among others. I read them whenever possible, and they inform my own opinions.

But here’s my chance to put some of my own thoughts out into the ether. I hope they inform your own opinions. If not, perhaps I’ll hear about it in your comments. 🙂

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